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Pet soiled the rug and couch and the store-bought cleaner you brought has yielded no results?  We offer professional carpet and upholstery steam-cleaning at a very affordable price.

Did you know to keep your floor looking as perfect as the day you got it, you should have your carpets steam-cleaned once every six months?  If you don’t, soil and grease build up, working their way deep into the fibers of the rug, forcing it to appear worn and faded.  We can help restore your carpet and upholstery to their natural beauty with our State-of-the-art- Butler Truck mount carpet cleaning system. 

Our procedure starts with an extensive vacuuming of the area to remove external dirt on the carpet surface.  We then apply a special enzyme-based pre-spray to the carpet and brush it in, dissolving and suspending dirt particles ruining your carpet.  We then use our carpet cleaning “Wand” to deliver high temperature water combined with specially formulated soap into the soiled carpet with one stroke and extract it with another.  After the carpet is cleaned and drying, we spray a layer of deodorizer to keep the floor smelling fresh. 

Rust?  Pet stains?  Grease?  Not a problem when you call us.  Even if we can’t get it out with the “wand,” we come prepared with a variety of different high Ph applications that can tackle just about anything! 

We also clean upholstery.





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